The Chronomatic

The chronomatic is an acting-based non-linear pre-visualization format for animation movies developed by
Judith Winkler and myself for our master thesis.

The Chronomatic enhances the process of creating and producing interdependent content by allowing
multiple synchronized inputs like motion performances, voice performances, camera movements,
music interpretations and more. It facilitates real-time inputs and features non-linear interaction of
audio-visual content within the 3d virtual world. The Chronomatic setup provides instant feedback of
character behavior in the virtual world by mapping inputs on virtual characters. This playful and interactive
approach allows directors to evaluate performances and find better solutions for storytelling - from
character interaction, timing, and staging to camera movement and framing - but in a fraction of time.

Consider the Chronomatic as a jam session of individual talents that will unleash the creative potential
of performers, directors, musicians and cinematographers plus the flexibility to edit and refine at any point
of production.

Further information will be available soon! Load demo clip here

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